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Richard Barr clinical negligence solicitor

Scott-Moncrieff & Associates Ltd.


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How I can help




I will be happy to talk to you about your case and advise you completely free of charge and without obligation. If you live in the Norfolk area I can see you in your own home (again without charge) if that is more convenient for you. I do not set a time limit for preliminary consultations. I will meet you for as long as it takes to get the full picture. As I work from my office at home, I am also not tied to  office hours. I can see or speak to you in the evening or at weekends.


One of the biggest worries that people have about going to law is: how am I going to pay for the case?


If I take on a clinical negligence case it will be on the basis that I will not charge a fee for my work unless the claim is successful - and then I will make a claim against the defendant for my costs to be paid on top of the compensation. I will offer what is known as a conditional fee agreement (often called "no win no fee"). If the claim is not successful I will not charge a fee.


The cost of running a case is a complicated matter, but you will receive a full explanation before you decide whether to go ahead with your claim. My philosophy is to work on a case in partnership with my clients, so that we all work towards what we hope will be a successful conclusion.


You are welcome to ring me for a free preliminary discussion on 01692 650829.

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